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If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast in Newburgh, you must visit Orange County Choppers. You might remember this location from American Chopper, which started airing on the Discovery Channel back in the mid-2000s. Orange County Choppers promotes a lifestyle brand with their custom motorcycles. Over 70 employees work hard to create a bike suited to your particular needs. Why not give it a go and see for yourself? Orange County Choppers is located in the town of Newburgh, right here in Orange County.


Paul Teutul Sr. founded the company back in 1999. Known for his iconic handlebar mustache, Teutul Sr. worked with his sons to deliver customizable motorcycles. In addition to American Chopper, he also has Orange County Choppers as a television show.

Orange County Choppers is a privately held company. Teutul Sr. uses the main headquarters to manufacture his motorcycles, using his steel business Orange County Iron Works. In 1999, they created True Blue, the company’s first significant bike. It debuted at the Daytona Biketoberfest.

Since then, Orange County Choppers continues to build its brand awareness. Once their reality television show hit the screen, the brand exploded in popularity. Orange County has become a hotspot for motorcycle enthusiasts to customize their hotrods.

Popular Motorcycle Brands

Orange County Choppers features several custom themes, which they also showcase on their reality shows. They tend to be expensive, with a limited production line once selling at the price of $31,000 back in the summer of 2007.

One of the more popular custom bikes is the Fire Bike. It was a special one dedicated to firefighters who perished during 9/11. Appearance-wise, the cycle resembles a fire truck. Solid steel from the World Trade Center is used on top of the mounted gas tank. The United States Air Force also commissioned their unique Air Force Bike. It values at $150,000, is over 10 feet long, and the design models itself after the F022 Raptor.

You can purchase your custom handcrafted motorcycles at the Orange County Choppers. All you have to do is contact the company at their email address to set up an appointment.

If you want, you can look up their website to check out their main gallery. They feature several different types of motorcycle brands. Each of them has unique characteristics that make them stand out. Orange County Choppers uses high-quality materials for their bikes so that you can expect good strength and durability.

Musical Performances

Music is essential to the biker lifestyle – Orange County Choppers offers free musical performances via their retail store. Popular brands include P.O.D., Saliva, and Candlebox. Concerts are regularly performed to promote upcoming albums. You can purchase related merchandise from the store, as well.


Last but not least, there are several partnerships with Orange County Choppers. Several major companies work directly with Paul Teutul Sr. These brands include Geico, Wendy’s Lowe’s, Sonic, and the National Hockey League. The company also has an excellent social media game with several followers. If you want your personally branded content, you can contact them on their main website for future opportunities.

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