Newburgh-Beacon Bridge

When you go between the I-84 and the INY 52, you are bound to come across the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge. You have a great view of the Hudson River once you drive along the two-way bridges. New York sunsets are especially appealing to the eye. Depending on whether you need to go to Newburgh or Beacon, you can use this bridge to get there.

It’s currently known as the Hamilton Fish Newburgh–Beacon Bridge, named after the powerful Fish family. The eastbound toll bridge offers a fare of $1.75 for passenger cars; the bridge uses an E-ZPass electronic system to collect toll fares.

Random Statistics

The Newburgh-Beacon Bridge has a total length of 7,789 feet or 2,372 meters. Meanwhile, the longest twin span is 1,000 feet. The clearance below is 135 feet or 41 meters, so watch out for air drafts. New York State Bridge Authority oversees the entire bridge.

Daily traffic tends to involve 65,000 vehicles. There are also six lanes of traffic you can travel. Toll booths used to be on both sides of the bridge until 1970. It means that westbound drivers don’t have to pay any tolls, while eastbound drivers do; their specific tolls actually doubled by comparison.

Early Development

The westbound bridge was built in 1963, while the eastbound bridge was built later on in 1980. Initially, there were plans for a four-lane bridge, but a lack of funding proved the project too complicated. Modjeski & Masters designed the westbound bridge layout, while Bethlehem Steel and a few others constructed the materials. The eastbound bridge was also designed by Modjeski and Masters, although the American Bridge Company instead did construction.

In 1997, the bridge was renamed in honor of Hamilton Fish. Despite this, most New Yorkers regularly refer to the bridge by its original name, the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge.

Future Projects

A multi-year project is currently underway for the Newburgh–Beacon Bridge. The New York State Bridge Authority wants to replace the full deck of the westbound bridge. Once finished, drivers can experience smoother roads. Most traffic is expected to reroute during the construction process to prevent congestions.

The deck replacement is an essential improvement for those wishing to travel across the Hudson River. A better road surface allows drivers to avoid potential bumps, which results in a more pleasant trip. Traffic updates are listed on the New York State Bridge Authority’s main website, so check it periodically for new information.

How To Use E-ZPass

The majority of modern toll roads use electronic collection systems. E-ZPass can process tolls with the use of a transponder. Basically, you can mount a transponder on your vehicle, which activates through an antenna inside a toll lane. You can set your account information within the device for easier identification.

The main advantage of this electronic system is to provide faster traffic routines. Transactions are made instantly, thanks to account information. If you’re in the Newburgh-Beacon area and plan on passing the bridge, consider getting yourself an E-ZPass account. It makes your traveling much more comfortable in the long run.

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