Karpeles Manuscript Library

Newburgh, New York offers many exciting locations to visit. If you enjoy a good intellectual pursuit, there is no better place than the Karpeles Manuscript Library. Right here at 94 Broadway, this museum contains private gatherings of important historical documents. The largest in the world, Karpeles Manuscript Library was initially founded in the early 1980’s. David and Marsha Karpeles had one main objective – to build public interest in education, especially among young children.

From art collections to unique minted coins, this special exhibit gives you plenty to do. You can find literature, art, political history, science, and religion all in one location. If you are in the Newburgh area, consider a stop at this museum.


Thanks to the Karpeles family’s efforts, you can bear witness to several vital transcripts of the world. For example, there is the original draft for the Bill of Rights. You can also find Einstein’s formula for general relativity. From the original Webster’s dictionary to Roget’s Thesaurus, everything can be found here in this library. History is at the tip of your fingers as you can enjoy a leisurely read.


Among its prestigious art collection, the library houses several paintings from Dona McPhillips. American history is represented through an artistic interpretation of important events; these include the Founding Fathers, the Civil War, and Native American tribes. If you want to find more portraits of presidents, there is the Lawrence Williams presidential collection. It contains everything from George Washington to Abraham Lincoln.

You can also look at classic illustrations of that time period, such as those from the Brock Brothers. Last but not least, there is a musical exhibition featuring Louis Donahue. Even if you don’t know any of these historical figures, you can take the time to learn what makes them essential to the United States.


If you are a collector of rare coins, this library has a coin archive you can visit. These coins are not found in average collections. Some of these unique coins were either stamped off-center or even stamped twice in a row. There is a Steel Half Dollar from 1943, which looks more like Roman denarii than United States currency. These imperfections make these rare coins stand out among collectors. In addition to America, there are also coins from other countries. One example is medieval silver pennies, as well as coins dating back to the Viking Ages.


Children of all ages can take part in several educational programs. The Cultural Literacy Program is popular for developing communication skills in children and adults; there is also the School Outreach Program for vulnerable children. Several educational exhibits within the Karpeles Manuscript Library serve all levels of education. From grade school to universities, these programs are designed to assist students in their learning.

When you set foot into this library, you leave with an expanded knowledge of world culture. Whether you want to read a script from Mozart, or if your children need to use an outreach program, there is something from every bookworm.

Do you enjoy motorcycles and want to learn the history of them? Located in Newburgh, New York, the Motorcyclopedia Museum is home to hundreds of motorcycles from the late 19th century and onward.

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