Fire Damage Restoration

Fast & Reliable Residential And Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Services In Newburgh & Surrounding Areas

We Get Your Life Back To Normal With Our Professional Fire Damage Restoration Services

Fire Damage Restoration Services

Fire damage restoration should always be handled by professionals as it affects the safety of the building and its occupants. When a major fire occurs, there is always some amount of damage to building structure and indoor air quality. A professional fire damage restoration service like L-Pro Restoration Inc. reduces the risk of future structural issues as well as smoke inhalation health problems.

Our Fire Restoration Process:

  • 24/7 Emergency Services – Onsite Quickly To Help You
  • Onsite Damage Assessment & Estimate
  • Emergency Board-Up & Securing Of The Property
  • Smoke & Soot Removal
  • Removal & Securing Of Household Items For Cleaning And Restoration
  • Quick Removal Of Water Resulting From Fire Fighting Efforts
  • Complete Reconstruction To Get You Back To Normal

Certified Fire Damage Restoration Contractor

Fire damage is not something you can easily predict, so it’s a good idea to have a professional company who can assist you quickly in an emergency. L-Pro Restoration Inc. offers the following benefits:

  • Over 15 years of experience in fire restoration.
  • Insurance approved for your peace of mind.
  • Quick response times (within an hour for initial assessment).
  • Expert knowledge and tools for repairing fire and smoke damaged properties.
  • We are insurance approved for fire damage restoration

Fire and smoke and reach everywhere which means there could be hidden areas of damage and you will need the right equipment and trained professionals to identify them. Fire damage restoration for your building structure should be taken seriously. Your roof, ceiling, flooring and walls form the framework of your building and are responsible for your safety and protection. When compromised, they need immediate, professional attention to prevent any risk to personal safety as well as property damage. Only an expert can help you determine what can be repaired and what may need to be replaced. L-Pro Restoration Inc. responds to all fire damage restoration calls quickly and we are available 24/7 because we know disaster can strike at any time.

Fire Damage Restoration Near Me

L-Pro Restoration Inc. offers quality fire damage restoration services to our communities in New York. We always have a team on standby to provide quick turnaround. Properties all across Newburgh, New Windsor, Poughkeepsie, Newark, Fishkill, Orange Lake, and West Point count on us to help efficiently restore their premises to pre-loss condition after a fire.

Your best bet for minimizing damage and cleaning up the mess as quickly as possible is to hire a qualified technician who is experienced in fire damage. At L-Pro Restoration Inc., we have over 15 years of experience with electrical fires and smoke damage in homes and businesses. Our experts are able to inspect all aspects of your property, including wiring and structural integrity, to make sure we restore your home back to a safe and healthy state.

Emergency Fire Damage Restoration Company

Here are some important points to consider about fire damage.

  • Your property has suffered damage on two fronts. It has been burned and as well as smoke damaged. This means you have to be doubly sure that the restoration job is done perfectly.
  • Fire damage cleanup and repair can be a hazardous job. In addition to having the right equipment and knowledge, the restoration team’s experience counts. You need to be sure the building is safe to live or work in again.

We Work With Your Insurance Company After Fire Damage Occurs

After a fire, your insurance company might require a professional cleanup and fire damage restoration service. If you are looking to be reimbursed for the damage and repair, check the terms of your insurance. Your insurance provider will most likely need the work to be done by a professional like L-Pro Restoration Inc. in order to reimburse you for the expense. Being a pre-insurance approved fire damage restoration company helps our clients speed up approvals and claims. It also acts as a seal of approval of our work quality. We have worked with virtually every insurance provider so we know the process well and we can work directly with them without having you play “middle man”. 

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Water Damage Restoration Services:

  • Commercial Fire Damage Repair
  • Residential Fire Damage Repair
  • Smoke Damage Cleanup
  • Soot Removal 
  • Fire Damage Cleanup

Fire Damage Cleanup Tips

Fire Damage Restoration FAQs

The first thing you should do is call L-Pro Restoration Inc. at (845) 827-1005. We will gather information about the damage and inspect the area before contacting your insurance company.

The restoration and cleaning phase can be completed as quickly as possible. The repair process varies depending on the size of the job and the amount of work required. Our team will provide a detailed estimate on the amount of time it will take to complete the job

Costs vary depending on the level of damage and how large of an area is affected. L-Pro Restoration Inc. works with your insurance company to determine if your policy covers the fire damage and makes sure you are paying a fair price. 

This usually depends on the level and severity of smoke in your home or business. If the levels are too high and dangerous for your health, you may need to spend a few days in a hotel or close the building for a period of time.  

Even if the fire was small, it is important to have the area inspected and tested for harmful chemicals. Our state-of-the-art technology can detect and neutralize these chemicals as well as contain any hazardous materials caused by the fire.

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