Upper Landing Park

Home to more than 300 years of recorded history and one of the first locations to be settled in Dutchess County; Upper Landing Park is a worthy travel destination with no target age group that absolutely MUST make your bucket list!

Originally a game trail, hunted and fished by Native Americans, many changes have occurred to evolve this still very scenic part of The Hudson River into what you see today. Most notably the Walkway Over The Hudson State Historic Park, which attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

Part of the charm that comes from The Walkway is the glass elevator that ascends pedestrians twenty-one stories into the air to the park area of The Walkway. That elevator can be accessed via Upper Landing Park! If heights aren’t a deal-breaker then you simply have to take a ride!

The Hudson River offers a majesty unlike any in the state. Standing on the bank is an experience all by itself! Fishing is permitted, provided the proper permits are acquired and can be furnished by request. Canine companions are also permitted!

Within walking distance of your vehicle there are numerous locations and activities to visit! The entire family will love spending the day at Upper Landing Park! The best part about this destination? It’s almost entirely cost free! Bring a few dollars for food and beverage but you’ll never have to worry about a fee-per-person.

Free is only a promise for the immediate Upper Landing Park vicinity. Some other attractions in the area such as the Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum do require an admission fee. Nevertheless, it’s quite easy to visit and not spend a dime.

Want to keep rich history alive? Do so by visiting Walkway Over The Hudson State Historic Park.

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