Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum

The Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum (MHCM) has a mission to empower young children and their families. To achieve this mission, the MHCM had developed three program categories: school readiness, health and wellness, and community-building. The museum uses these categories to develop children’s curiosity, confidence, and self-worth.

The exhibits at the MHCM get kids moving, exploring, pretending, collaborating, and discovering. The MHCM believes that you are your child’s first and best teacher, and that by play cultivates independence. With this in mind, the exhibits are designed to start an interaction whenever you go rather than become boring after your second visit.
Five Exhibit Galleries
The five exhibit galleries at the MHCM are:
• The Early Learning Junction
• The Science Center
• The Imagination Playground
• Tell Me a Story
• Rivertown

These exhibits help families connect through purposeful hands-on play. Depending on the exhibit, you and your child might play with a train table, explore what happens to everyday objects in a vertical wind tunnel, or experience a kid-sized fire truck with real tools used by firefighters.

Combining imaginary play with realistic tools or situations is essential for early learning. The MHCM provides a safe space for children to explore new situations with their families. The MHCM is also 100% screen free, because children learn best by moving and doing. The exhibits are designed to be age-appropriately tactile and interactive.
Outdoor Children’s Garden
The Children’s Garden is an opportunity for families to learn about growing food and practice their gardening skills. It features raised beds at various heights, practice areas, a potting shed, a compost area, and an outdoor classroom.

The MHCM also offers a learning program in the Children’s Garden. The program introduces new cognitive concepts, introduces new vocabulary, creates awareness about food, and connects children with the natural world.

Awards and Recognition
The MHCM was named the Best Museum by Hudson Valley Magazine in 2017 and 2019. It is also the only children’s museum in the Hudson River Valley between NYC and Albany. Visit the MHCM to find out for yourself what is so special!

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